Modern Hippie Fashion

We custom curate clothing from all over the world that’s perfect for our fashion line. Our true skill is clothing that fits a broad range of body types.

Modern Hippie Fashion was dubbed by the owner of Smokin Js. BoHo Chic or Bohemian refers to a style of dress in France from over 100 years ago. The term hippie connotes images of the 60’s that has been tied to the boho chic fashion sense. Hence, the term Modern Hippie Fashion was created to bridge the gap between a 60’s peace movement and modern clothing.

So what is it exactly? Clothing represents so much about you. It is the way you display outwardly some of your innermost beliefs and thoughts. Jay Fratt curates his clothing line to represent inclusiveness, relaxation, and Earth consciousness. All that in a clothing line? Yes.

You will find relaxed fitted dresses and tops, open neck ornate designs, and blended earth tones in the Modern Hippie Fashion line. The clothing selections allow accessories to easily fit within the lines of the clothing, creating an opportunity for even more personal style to come out within the outfits. Independence and personality are at the center of the curated purpose of the clothing line.